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Technical Diving with Razor Sidemount System

Adventure in Technical Diving with RSM

Since my last post, lots of things have happened. I’ve been out of Mexico for the last month and a half and been training and teaching in tech diving Techwise Malta. Continue reading

Overhead Diver Training

Deco Stop or physical ceiling?

When scuba diving, we are limited in how fast we can come up to the surface, due to dissolved gas in our body and sometimes, we even have to stop for few minutes, to off-gas or do a decompression stop.
The similarity with this type of technical diving and overhead diving seat in our obligation to consider a ceiling that we cannot break or go through physically.

Buoyancy then trim and finally, the frog kick!

According to our dear online encyclopedia, there are four types of overhead diving: cave diving, deep, ice or wreck diving.
Due to its very demanding environment, cave diving is probably the most challenging forme of technical diving, along with deep trimix exploration dives. Continue reading

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