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Reel Secrets

Or the art of tying off…

So this is something that has been on my mind since I came back from doing my introduction to cave diving, aka Cave 1 class with GUE – I wanted to deliver to you a closer look on how to handle a reel and how to approach and do a good tie-off. Cave divers have to run a continuous guideline from the open water to the permanent cave line and connect side passages with jump spools if they decide to venture off the permanent line. And during the cave class, although the message of continuous guideline is incessant, there is no real emphasis on the art of laying the line and using the reel. Yes, it is an art, ok?

How to keep it reel?

How to keep it reel?

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Keep it reel

Primary reel, jump spool and cave line

Time to send the SMB up or tie-off your primary reel to the cavern or cave line, time to go wonder on an off-shoot line… What type of reel should I use? A reel or a spool..??? These are questions you will have to answer while taking your Intro to Cave course or Full Cave diver training with me.

Primary or exploration reels

Well, to answer to this question there is no straight forward answer… With as many different types of reels/spools as there are types of scuba training, it is impossible to say, for me at least, this reel or spool is better than that one or the other… Have I made myself clear? 🙂 Continue reading

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