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Technical Diving with Razor Sidemount System

Adventure in Technical Diving with RSM

Since my last post, lots of things have happened. I’ve been out of Mexico for the last month and a half and been training and teaching in tech diving Techwise Malta. Continue reading


The Art of teaching scuba diving

…Or The Value of Training

Yes, teaching scuba diving is an art. I know this because I have just been taught by one of the best trainer there is in the industry at the moment. His name is Steve Bogaerts, owner of Go Sidemount in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.

I decided to take my sidemount cave diver training from the Master himself! If you don’t know who I am talking about, check out Steve’s website and you will understand. His teaching method is impressive, his eye for detail is unique andhe has a way of explaining things which makes them easy to understand. ¬†Another bonus of his sidemount cave course is that you have to dive with the harness he designed ¬≠– the Razor harness — after many years of sidemount diving in one of the harshest environments in scuba diving.

Basic Sidemount Drill

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Diving Weight vs Balanced Rig

To weight or Not to weight?

Once wrapped into your wetsuit, weight belt and BCD you are now ‘free’ to go and enjoy the wonders of the aquatic realm. Do you remember your first dive? As it happens I do and I remember putting on a weight belt with 2 blocks on it – I guess they were two pounders. Don’t exactly remember how I was in the water as my concentration was on my breathing and my instructor, a very attractive mermaid!
This said, my initial scuba training was done under the banner of the CMAS, World Underwater Federation, and at the time the use of a BCD was sort of newish, specially that I was in the French Caribbean. OK, ok, did I mention already that I have a great life?
Being balanced and trimmed underwater is quite challenging, especially when it’s your first time. Usually, dive resorts have what we call ‘try dives,’ and as the amount done means more profit, things can go a little bit too quickly, so you may not really have time to adjust. Also, the instructor who runs your try dive has another four clients, and probably more waiting on the boat to get the chance of their life to try scuba diving.
Have a look at this video, shot by Steve Martin during a trip to Tortuga Reef, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The quality is not great, but you will get a better idea of where I’m going with all this:
Overweighted scuba Diver

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