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Sidemount diving vs Backmounted doubles

Fun dives vs established rules?!?

Let me tell you this, I am not a big fan of established rules and on one side it is good that not everybody think like me and on the other side it helps me put my point across!

As you may have realised, if you follow the scuba diving industry news, that sidemount scuba diving is becoming very popular. More than a trend who is called to fade out in time, I think it is a way of life or should I say, a way of diving.

Better redundancy in sidemount!

Couple of PADI courses are out there already and whoever tries it claim it is a revelation. More fun, more practical, easier to get to, as doubles are not as available as would be a pair of singles and also offers real redundancy.

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What Scuba Equipment to Buy?

Ask an expert before buying scuba equipment!

This the first part of the journey when looking at getting certified. Usually you go in a dive shop and first see for yourself, compare prices and models. It is very easy today with online scuba equipment review and also the monthly dive magazines showing the new releases.
One thing for sure, once in a dive retail store you are at the mercy of the sales rep… What I mean by that is they will assist you to the fullest and will make sure you don’t go out of their nicely layed out scuba shop, empty-handed.

Have you noticed how it looks nice when you enter a retail dive shop? All the little gadgets are the first one you see, usually the pricy ones and then it is also very easy to browse around the aisle, it seems as if all items had a place and their place was calculated in a certain way. Making it very attractive place to be, even for non-divers!

One word of advice, if you want a piece of equipment and are going to go to a shop, do your homework before! It will help the shop assistant to pin point what category of dive gear you are looking for and will maximise the time spent in the shop. Continue reading

Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion

Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion, in that order.

Like any physical activity, scuba diving is demanding and requires a certain level of fitness to enjoy it safely. We could stress that physiological preparedness is the main core of scuba diving, so trim, buoyancy and propulsion are the essential skills needed for its practice.

To get a good trim, you need rock solid buoyancy skills.

Divers often forget the impact on the environment from which they have evolved. Although the practice of the sport was founded on exploration of the aquatic realm from a conservation point of view, the skills needed today for a more sustainable scuba diving practice are on many diver’s minds.
Much of the diving community is aware of the need for more responsible diving.
There is much more interest these days in technical diving, overhead diving, including prestigious cave diving, and voodoo deep gas diving.
Although some of these have been practiced for a long time in some circles, the demand from recreational divers is increasing.
New agencies have been set up to support a more established and strict set of training standards.

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