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Why learn to cave dive?

What should I expect during cave diver course?

When I took my decision to fly over to Mexico in late 2006, I had already in mind what was there: the cenote with their crystal clear water. At first, it was not so much the looong overhead sections that made the longest cave systems in the world. Nah! To be totally honest, I was a bit anxious, if not scared by the idea of cave diving. But I was ready to take up the challenge and learn to become a Full Cave Diver. At the time, I already knew (“thought” may be more appropriate word) that I had a ton of scuba diving experience. I had been teaching since 1996 and had couple of years before that, started my life as a PADI Tec deep diver. SO, I thought, I was bulletproof…

Let me tell you this: nothing had prepared me to what was coming! Not the 15 years of scuba diving as an instructor had prepared me for the cave diver training… 🙂 Continue reading

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