Overhead Training

For millions of yeas we’ve been attracted to the unknown. We were once called, cavemen. Millions of years of evolution takes us back into these misterious yet fantastic places called: underwater caves.
Rewarding in many ways, caves have been forming on the limestone plateau that makes the Yucatan Peninsula for millions of years. Sea level variations have contributed to the delicate speleotherms, also called formations found in the caves of the Mayan Riviera. They are considered some of the most decorated caves in the World.
Cave diving is regarded as one of the most dangerous activity one can get into. It is a bit like car driving I’d say. The next day you get your driving license you will not go on the M6 or another major highway!
One step at a time is the best way to progress.
But first and formost, we need to get our cave diver licence from a reputable and active cave instructor.
One of the main reason for cave fatalities is lack of proper training. Since the late seventies, when the outline of an accident analysis came up, more than four hundred divers and instructors have died in submerged caves. As sad as it may be, still today divers venture in these very attractive places without proper training or adequate equipment.
A set of rules were also established as how to put all the chances of survival on your side:
  1. Lack of training
  2. keep a continuous guideline from the open water
  3. Reserve two thirds of your air for exit part of your dive
  4. Do not exceed the depth you are trained to go to.
  5. Failure to carry at least three lights
So take the next step into your scuba diver’s experience and join the elite of today: full cave divers!

What will I learn during my overhead training?

Depending on what part of the overhead program you want to learn, different techniques apply for very specific environments. Cavern diving, as mentioned in the above panel, is limited to ambient light with no restrictions, whereas Intro to cave and/or Full cave diver training will take you right into the dark places of the caves of your choice!

Emphasis is put on safety procedure, positive approach and basic skills built up to get you and your dive partner, in and out safe!
We offer a side course called Essential Diver training to bring you to the level required for overhead training, would it be cavern, cave or wreck diving. During this course you will learn the core principles that make a safe and sound diver. 😉

Cerification is earned, the course is paid! So we reserve the right to refuse certification to a diver if we think he/she does not have the required skills or mind set to get into cave environment. As it is a potentially deadly place, we take our training very seriously.

During your training you will be taken on training dives, there is no ‘fun’ dives in overhead training. Fun is a luxury aquired after mastery of all the skills making you, a cavern, intro or full cave diver.*

*This works as well for wreck diver training.

How long does the course lasts?
Again, it depends on what level of training you choose to take. It also depends on your ability to evolve around the skill circuit that you have to cover.
From three days to a whole week for Full cave diver. Any additional training day required is charged on a daily basis.
Do I need special equipment?
Yes, for any overhead diving, specialy for cave diving, you need to get special equipment. What I mean by this is the Essential diver’s equipment for safe and sound cave diving. A wing, back-plate, double pouch pocket, three cutting tools, wetnotes, at least 5 bolt-snaps, two back-up lights (four batteries minimum), a primary canister like HID or LED light, couple of safety spools, a primary reel and few line markers. Of course you will need two regulators with two first and second stages, one SPG (no consol), a LP inflator and a seven foot/two meters long LP hose for primary regulator.
If you don’t want to carry all this it is possible to rent all this equipement once here, make sure to mention it!
So, what are you waiting for? Contact me and let’s put a plan of action together. Time for the essential of scuba diving.

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