Essential Scuba Training

Making you a better scuba diver

Yes we can!

While being tagged as a ‘tourist’ can have advantages for some, it’s not a good look for the more serious diver, even if it is just a hobby you enjoy on holiday. Apart from the obvious dangers involved, there are other issues, such as damage to the environment and your own enjoyment of the dive. Imagine how much more fun you would have if you could quietly swim around, without scaring off the fish, rather than splashing around like an inexperiend resort diver?
Wreck and cave divers must be able to hover motionless and/or swim without lifting any sediment. This is where our Essential Diver training comes in. With its roots in cave and technical diving, this course will train you in all the fundamentals that technical, and cave divers know is essential, to safe and sound diving.
You will learn proper trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques, how to launch an SMB while completely still in the water, and tech candidates will also learn how to handle stage tanks, valve drills, stress circuit and line protocols just to name a few.
Our Essential Scuba Training will prepare you for your next level of diving.  Who knows? We may even take you to new levels and experiences you never imagined possible!

What am I going to learn?

During your training as an Essential Diver you will learn how to perfect your core skills such as trim, propulsion and buoyancy. Emphasis will be put on buoyancy as it is paramount asset to go forward in diver education, also streamlining your equipment to give you a better trim and less air consumption. You will be trained to reduce the amount of weight you carry to a bare minimum. This will be compromise between minimum weight and minimum buoyancy. Mental preparation, dive planning, as well as the physiological aspects of the dive, will become part of your pre-dive checks.

Why learn the Essential Diver?

Essential skills that you learn during this course will make you a better diver. Not only because you will listen more to your scuba instructor (you will!) but because it will plant a seed. Many of the ‘all inclusive resort’ diver training programmes do give you the necessary tools to become a ‘Thinking Diver’.  Don’t worry – we’ll have you thinking in no time! From how to configure your dive equipment, prepare yourself physically and mentally visualise your dive, to actually executing your planned dive professionally.

Do I really need an instructor?

Well, that is a very good question! You know as well as I do, how much information on  Essential diving is around today, especially with all the diver forums on the net. After all, it is just a gear configuration some tend to say. All you need is a back-plate, continuous piece of webbing and you’re off into Essential diving mode …

Humm… Well, if you’re happy with looking like that obvious ‘tourist,’ then I’d say “go for it.” However, if you want to be taken seriously (no, white fins are not serious … you know who you are) you do need an experienced instructor to point you in the right direction. Some of the concepts and configurations are subtle, and one particular way might not suit everyone. We will find what works best for you and with our experience, we can get you up-and-diving like a true professional in just a few days. 
Don’t wait any longer, grab your scuba gear and Contact us to schedule the next scuba class that will change your views about scuba diving.

Jason Renoux, Owner at Essential Scuba Training.

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