Essential Scuba Training
Essential Scuba Diver Training was born from an idea taken from our Overhead diving experience. Cave diving is the Gran’ Dad of technical diving and has now become a reference point for the core skills needed before going into any overhead environment.
This is where Essential Diver Training programme comes in. You will be taught a Technical or a Recreational version of our Essential Scuba Training philosophy.
In this blog, you will find most of the adventures that evolve around scuba diver training, scuba gear selection and methodology. Feel free and actually welcome to comment or ask questions along the way. I do not intent to edit nor limit the size of your comments as I value your ideas as much as you enjoy reading my blog.
The basic training we offer, will bring your scuba diving skills to the level required for any Technical or Overhead courses available. Some call it Primer, others Fundamentals, I call it Essential Diver. An introduction to DIR diving, be it in sidemount or back mounted doubles. And YES, the sidemount I teach is the closest DIR sidemount you can get!
All certifying courses are sanctioned by IANTD or TDI and follow the training ethos established by these long time recognise technical,  mix gas and overhead diver training agencies.

Jason Renoux aka your trainer

A bit about me

Born in the famous town  of Marseilles, France,  in 1974 although I didn’t take the time to live the Life of a Marseillais but the Blue of the Mediterranean Sea had something hidden for me to discover.  As my dad’s job obligations took us somewhere exotic, the French island of Guadeloupe, I there, started to wear mask, fins and snorkel on a daily basis.

This is where, my relationship with water started. It’s been a longtime mistress and friend but one thing I was always intrigued about was; what lays beyond my feet? what is there, so far that I can’t see?

Enough of this French literature!

My initial training was with CMAS, I followed up all the way to CMAS 2* instructor and after my year of Military duties accomplished, I singed up to a six month internship in Bandol, on the Côte d’Azure between Marseille and Nice.

It was a fantastic experience and realised pretty quickly that I loved teaching to others, sharing my knowledge and passion.

Ok, so that is set, I love scuba diving, the sea, teaching…I became a PADI instuctor in 1995 and that was it, the Life of leisure and fun hit me good!

I was not attracted by becoming a Course Director for PADI, although having all the prerequisites, the idea that everybody CAN become a teacher is beyond me, really. Specially with a 2 months internship with an accelerated training to finish with ‘oh surprise’ 100% at the Instructor Examination…. No way!
For sure, PADI is a great marketing tool and has some fantastic educational support to help their clients/instructors but I don’t believe in mass production and so it applies to dive instructors as well.

This is where I take my ball out of the game and establish myself as an independent scuba diver coach with Essential Scuba Training. I offer private, semi private tuitions and teach or re-teach the basics of scuba diving to who desires to pursue their progression with their cherish hobby, scuba diving.

I believe in the value of training, time and experience. There is no substitute to time spent underwater. An academic knowledge is important as well. So a holistic approach of scuba diving is the new answer to a very fun but undercut way of spending spare time.

We will take time to establish a path for your training to help achieve your goals as a diver. If you are curious about cave diving, the road to become a cave diver is long but very rewarding. Your diving friends back home will jealous the solid skill set you’ll bring back after becoming a full cave diver.


Looking froward to diving with you.

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