Stealth 2.0 sidemount diving goes Rec and Tec

Stealth 2.0 Sidemount Units

If you remember, I have already written an article about sidemount units in the past. This one should make a mark in the sidemount diving world, in the sense that it unveils the latest technology serving the new generation of sidemount divers. So get to your computers or tablets and book your unit right away through your local Xdeep dealer. They will sold out as soon as the launch is made. Be the first to dive the Xdeep Stealth Rec and/or Tec units.

Rec Tec Cave sidemount wing

Rec, Tec and Cave, finally a brand that understands the need of demanding divers


Note: For now only the Tec unit is being shipped out. The Rec version will ship later. Contact me for more info.

It’s been announced at the last Dive show in Germany that XDeep has a new addition to their sidemount units. In fact, it is two new units – the rec and the tec version. Both fully integrated to your Stealth 2.0 harness. The core structure of the Stealth 2.0 sidemount system is the harness. Now, XDeep offers two additional wings that will mount onto your harness. No need to buy a full set again… Well, you can if your original harness looks a bit too old! 🙂 When bouthg all together, the unit will be assembled already. You just have to set the bungees to your prefered length.
All this with some great added gizmos patented by the great team of engineers at our favourite tec gear facility.

Finally, a piece of sidemount gear made by tec sidemount divers, for tec divers…and recreational divers.

So without any overdue, lets check out those units and start with the Stealth Rec setup.

Open water recreational sidemount bonanza

xdeep rec sidemount

Recreational sidemount divers finally have a descent unit

Finally, the pool of recreational divers has some serious piece of sidemount gear to play with.

It’s been a while since a manufacturer has put on the market something specifically dedicated to rec divers. No convoluted rig with so many D-rings you’d think you forgot to clip something and a lift capacity…well, let say that diving with some rig feels like diving with a Samsonite suitcase on your back.
This XDeep Stealth Rec Sidemount wing boosts a good 35lbs of lift, nicely trimmed around the diver’s body with some funky looking attachment points.

Fitted with quick release buckles at the shoulder harness, it is a clean continuity for all the avid recreational diver out there. Easy to adjust and fits any body size.
It boosts some great weight pockets with quick release pockets that will please all recreational divers. A great travel sidemount unit.

Made of the fabric that made the first Stealth 2.0 sidemount rig, the most rugged piece of gear – Cordura® 1100 dTEX – tested by Mauro Bordignon from Cave World extensively in the super tiny caves of Mexico. I have dived with him more than once on exploration dives and let me tell you, he did put it to the test. Xdeep has it’s test pilot when it comes to cave sidemount 😉

One harness, one system, many different configurations. With STEALTH 2.0, divers soon would be able choose the best configuration for their current needs without changing the whole system.”

This is what you can read on the official Facebook page from XdeepGear.

I am personally looking forward to teach Rec 1 and 2 divers with this great piece of gear.

Thanks XDeep for you efforts in putting this together.

Tec Sidemount mode Stealth 2.0

Apparently, there has been a lot of thinking behind the Tec version of the Stealth unit.

Xdeep tec sdemount unit

Tec trimix divers have a new toy to dive with and will revolutionise the sidemount world.

First, the wing is attached to the harness. That is the top part of it. The upper section of the wing doesn’t inflate. The lift stays pretty much where it would if you were wearing the classic Stealth 2.0 

We still have the famous centrally located dump valve with the strong corrugated inflator hose and power inflator. One very interesting detail is that this hose, can be either placed on the left for wetsuit diving or on the right side, if diving dry.(if that applies to your config)
This modularity brings the Stealth line into the real sidemount only dedicated unit. It breath simplicity but it is packed with all we, as tec divers, are looking for.

The wig being fixed to the harness at the top, offers two option for attachement at the front of the diver. One would be to clip short bungee loops to the “new” XDeep sidemount flat D-rings. Or the diver can choose to use the more classic big bungee loop, like the original Stealth 2.0 wing.
Obviously, a larger lift capacity. This Tec version has a wing with 50lbs of lift… Yes, you read properly 50lbs of lift. More than the Cave version and this will appeal to multi stage/deco deep trimix sidemount divers.
Remember the minimum weight vs minimum lift? 😉

Everybody has seen Tomasz Michura’s videos where it is obvious how versatile and spot on this unit is in terms of lift and trim possibilities.

Stealth 2.0 Tec unit’s User Manual is available here.


And last but not least, the Stealth 2.0 Sidemount pouch

Great addition to the Stealth 2.0 tools, that pouch is what was missing and we’ve all been waiting for.
We all, sidemount divers and tec divers, need a pouch!

Fully expandable, to carry your SMB, spool, spare mask, wet-notes, spare mouth piece, double-enders…and…your BUL aka back-up light. Inner loop to clip all your goodies closed by YKK quality zippers.
The ingeniously positioned window allows for divers and team members to see if the BUL has been left ON in the pouch and will drain it’s battery !! One great piece of thinking behind this.
This makes the Stealth 2.0 pouch the one you want to clip on your DAPs 😉

Stealth 2.0 sidemount pouch

The one and only sidemount pouch you want to clip to your DAPs

So here it is a few words what we will start seeing emerging from the local dealers. Some great, fantastic sidemount products. If you are already a proud owner of Stealth 2.0 sidemount rig, simply order via your local dealer teh wing that will suit your needs as a scuba diver.

Remember though, that the Rec wing will not yet be available. Most likely around late Spring, early summer diving diving season 🙂

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9 responses to “Stealth 2.0 sidemount diving goes Rec and Tec

  • Steve Davis

    Thanks for the review Jason. One question I have always had re the Stealth 2.0 for Open Water/Tec diving is buoyancy redundancy. Diving dry is obviously no issue but if you are wet then the single bladder and failure points could be an issue. I’ve seen Tomaz’s double stealth wing config which looks great. Does the Tec Wing provide this redundancy? Cheers Steve

    • Jason

      HI Steve and thanks for keeping an eye out for my sparse articles 🙂
      Well, you touched a good point here. I am not aware if XDeep is planning a dual bladder any time soon. I think what Tomasz is doing is showing the adaptability of the Stealth 2.0 classic wing. Would I recommend divers to do this? Yes and no would be my answer. If you are confident in your skills and take the time to fine tune the set up and your protocol behind using it, then fine. Otherwise, I’d say, if you are going to dive deep (30m/100ft) you should be diving dry.
      When I did my recent cross-over to become a UTD instructor (more on this later!) I learned on their views on the wetsuit vs drysuit diving and the redundancy offered by the drysuit in case of wing/bladder failure. It is easy to understand. The wetsuit will loose it’s buoyancy characteristics (about 50% of it @ 30m/100ft) and at this point if the wing fails, you will have to ditch weight…or some would say deploy an SMB to re-establish buoyancy…(I am divided here!) but the critical point of a deep dive, is the ascent and the ability to hold deco stops.
      So, to answer your question, no, the Tec wing doesn’t not offer a dual bladder. If diving Tec, we assume you will dive dry. Or to stack up a classic Stealth 2.0 wing on top of your Tec wing… 😉
      I hope this helps. Thanks again for stopping by.

      • Graggs

        Thanks guys,
        Jason / Steve …. how much lift can you get from a drysuit and does it really offer an alternative at depth with multiple tanks?

        I tried a simulated wing failure with twin 12’s and whilst I pulled it off using a lift bag – I’d hate to have to do it for real (in a panic) if there was nothing beneath me…. by the time you find / rig the lift bad and deploy it, you will have got some serious depth.

        I know not all agencies agree on redundant bladders and there are pro’s and con’s involved … but it would be nice to have some actual facts to back up some of these theories.

        The razer oral inflate seems a nice idea in terms of redundant lift, without the risk of accidental inflation, but I gather it’s not CE approved?

        Adding home made bladders also wont be CE approved!

        I plan to test my drysuit at the next opportunity to see what happens.

        Have you tested yours?

      • Jason

        Hi there,
        First things first. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Busy busy and busy :/

        Second, if I was associated with Steve at a time in the past, yes but we are not doing business together anymore. As the saying goes “there were too many chef in the kitchen”.

        That being said, I am curious if you actually ran a test on your drysuit? How much lift did you manage to get out of it?
        I personally have never tried lifting anything with my drysuit. I have tried, not without difficulties to stay dry and to keep my reproductive tools intact…I also believe that I have succeeded with this. 🙂
        I am being sarcastic, as you may understand. A drysuit is not a liftbag. It is a thermal protection suit. In an unlikely event when your wing malfunction, you have few options. I will not debate here what could or could not be these options.
        I started my tech training in 2000 actually with Steve and was taught with bungeed wing, steel stages and one back up light… Yes, we come a long way and I was lucky to make it alive. With what we know today, I would not do it nor I’d recommend it to anyone to go tech this way.
        Recreational diving, in a wetsuit, can be and I say can with a pinch of salt with what I have learned since then, can be done in a wetsuit until 30m/100ft but after that, I would not go in a wetsuit. It is a all about having a balanced rig and understanding the concept. After 30m I would dive dry and with an appropriate breathing gas. And that’s me and how I see scuba diving today.

        The Razor, I believe is CE approved. But CE approval is for certain aspect/factors of the wing. Would recommend you ask a Razor certified instructor for more intel on this.

        Homemade gear is not a good idea.



      • Graggs

        Thanks Jason,
        No, I haven’t run a test yet. I don’t have any diving planned now for a while :o(

        I dare say there is a whole debate in redundancy and one agencies view over another. Obviously many manufacturers just don’t offer the option.

        Anyways… thanks for some very informative articles, please keep up the good work

  • Cleber F Rodrigues

    Thanks for the review Jason! Very nice explanation for the differents wings!

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