Sidemount Diver’s Pouch

…aka Sidemount Diver’s man purse


We all need little bits and pieces of junk (understand back ups and fix it now tools) to make sure the dive goes on well and each part of our gear is kinda fixable on site, or even, underwater…


Sidemount pouch

Sidemount pouch

The DIR diver uses thigh pockets to keep his/her spare and back-ups but for the sidemount diver, thigh pockets are not ideal as positioned where the tanks are resting. On top of that, getting to what’s in there is not easy. All the divers using pockets, is used to clip any piece of equipment to not loose the precious content and go fishing blind when the need for what’s in the pocket arises.

When a diver is in need of his pocket content, would it be for a regular task of in an emergency, being able to act in an fast yet smooth manner, makes the difference between a successful dive and a dive we’ll talk about for a long time…at the bar! 😉


The sidemount pouch as I already said must be easily accessible. It’s content, is why we are carrying a pouch in the first place. It may vary from one diver to another but mostly, all the back ups we need are the same. Let’s go through a list and keep an open mind, I am a cave instructor! 😉

Mesh pocket for survey slate

Mesh pocket for survey slate and/or deco table/map


  • Mask
  • Safety spool
  • BUL (#1 or #2)
  • Markers
  • Back-up sidemount bungee (if diving with single one)
  • Spare double-enders
  • Wetnotes/Survey slate (pencil)
  • Deco tables (compatible with mix being dived!)
  • Spare mouth piece
  • Zip-ties
  • Tool (regulator hose, tank nob tool, LPI tool and maybe an O-ring pick

Anything else?

You could ad an SMB when open water diving, some dye sticks, a Mars bar or Apple Puree in a tube for long deco or long swim out of a cave… What else?


So basically that is it. Of course, what you want to carry is something you may or may not use but has it’s use. It is not a question of getting loaded with useless stuff.
Therefore, the size matters… Of course it does!

So for my two cents to give this short article an end, I’d say not too small, not too big! LOL You’ve got to know how to use it.

Sidemount Dive Pouch

Sidemount Dive Pouch

There few pouches available for sidemount and was offered by DiveSuppliesNL to test the small Bow Stone Diving Products sidemount pocket. The material is very strong and the finish is also well done. So far I’ve taken it to all my cave dives and even in the major restrictions it handled itself pretty well.
It has a main pocket with internal and possible separation, to create compartments (a velcro band separates the inner pocket), plus, two little pockets for small accessories. The it has a mesh pocket in the back, where it is handy to store slates or wetnotes as well as a deco table.
The only thing missing, although it is not there most probably because each diver would do it his or her way, it is the lanyard inside to clip your accessories to. But it has the hardware in place to do your own.

Easy to clip to rear D-ring with 2 one inch D-rings attachment points.


So for me, all in all, the Bow Stone pocket is an excellent sidemount pocket.






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4 responses to “Sidemount Diver’s Pouch

  • Steve Davis

    Thanks Jason, great review. As you know I started with a smaller pouch which to be honest was a pain in the ass trying to get wet notes in and out of. I moved to the larger Razor pouch which has been excellent. It is expandable, fits all of the items you listed and importantly is easy to get everything in and out even with gloves on. It also has the lanyard to which I can clip each item. I personally think this is essential to prevent accidental loss of an item.

    • Jason

      Thanks Steve, glad you liked it. I personnally don’t like the Razor pouch simply because I find it unnecessarily too big. That is my personal opinion. It is also a very well finished product that has it’s place (obviously) on the sidemount diver’s accesories shelf. Didn’t have the time to dive test it.

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