Technical Diving with Razor Sidemount System

Adventure in Technical Diving with RSM

Since my last post, lots of things have happened. I’ve been out of Mexico for the last month and a half and been training and teaching in tech diving Techwise Malta.
Once I became a Tec diver, about five years ago, I didn’t do many tec and or many deco dives. Since then, the courses have evolved and the popularity of tech diving have taken a new step. I also became a cave diver, the first ever type of technical diving.

Harness fitting with Razor

I was offered an opportunity, one of these that you should not refuse. Come over to Malta, at Techwise with Alan Whitehead and help him out during the summer to co-teach and get trained in Normoxic and also Hypoxic trimix. The idea was also that I would share my experience in cave diving and the gear configuration approach we use in caves.
Having done my training with Steve Bogaerts, it was also a good opportunity to start introducing sidemount open water to Malta. Alan and I, when schedule allows, go out on populated dive sites and Go Sidemount! πŸ™‚
It is not without beeing noticed and the most curious make the first step and come for questions and informations. It is all great!
Alan has decided to have Steve come over for one week open water basic sidemount course. The same idea behind this I had when it was time to get trained in Sidemount: go with the best and Steve Bogaerts is definitely the best there is in sidemount diver training.

Alan and Jason getting ready - note that I am diving doubles!! 😦

All this knowledge will be applied to my technical diving on the wrecks of Malta. Such as the HMS Stubborn, HMS Southwold as well as the Polynesian (Hospital ship sunk in 70 msw).
We will start to implement sidemount in small deco dives such as Advanced EANx or Tec 40 and 45 and further along with the underrated ART aka Advanced Rec Trimix diver.
It is just a mater of time until we launch Normoxic sidemount course as with just one 50% deco it does not taskload tank handling too much!

We are therefore, waiting and really enthousiastic about using the Razor 2.0 due to be out in the coming week.

Boat diving with Divewise rib

Check back soon for detailed report of the Open Water Basic Sidemount course with Steve Bogaerts at Techwise Malta.

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